The Best Stores to Shop at for Cashback


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Published 2 years ago

Have you been watching online for your favorite pair of runners to decrease in price before you hit that “buy now” button? We get it! The good news is, with the best cash back websites, you no longer need to wait for bi-yearly sales to save some money.

We are going to dive into some of the best stores to shop at for cashback so that you can copy your favorite items for a fraction of the price.

So, What are Cash Back Websites?

Cash Back Websites

Essentially, cash back websites work the same as any other shopping website. Instead of shopping directly with a retailer, you get access to the retailer’s shop through a cash back link. This allows you to get money from the cashback website, which is normally a percentage of the total price you paid. Awesome, right!?

Stacked Saving with Ruby

Stacked Saving with Ruby

At Ruby, we do things a little differently around here. Not only do you get cashback on your favorite items and brands, saving you money on each shopping trip, but we also stack your savings! This means that we will combine the best ways to save for you, so you don’t have to do any work, you just sit back, relax and enjoy huge discounts. With Ruby, you can get cash back,  use Ruby points, promo codes and percentage discounts in one go! What are you waiting for?

Ruby is available on the App Stroe

Top 10 Stores to Shop At for Cashback

Store #1: Nike

Nike Online Store

With Ruby, you can get the most popular pieces from Nike directly to your door for just a sliver of the price. That is why we are one of the best cash reward sites out there! Not only do you deserve to be kitted out in the best of Nike, but you deserve to do it for a reasonable price too. Check out the best summer Nikes to level up your style.

Store #2: Blue & Cream

Blue & Cream Online Store

Blue & Cream has everything from high-end shoes to classy, chic statement pieces. Luckily, with one of the best cash back websites, you can feel and look like a movie star on a budget. Why not stack your savings to get the best possible price on a new Zimmerman dress? Treat yourself and all of that!

Check out these current style trends to guide your shopping spree.

Store #3: Samsung

Samsung Online Store

From laptops, phones and tablets, Samsung is killing it in the tech game. As we all know though, classy often means pricey, meaning that you can expect to hand over a thick wad of cash for a new slick piece of tech. However, by using cash back when online shopping, like with Ruby, one of the best money-saving apps, you can save yourself a ton of money just by stacking savings.

Making a purchase on the best Samsung products doesn’t mean you need to break the bank, check out Ruby to make massive savings.

Store #4: Macy's

Macy's Online Store

Who doesn’t love a spending spree at Macy’s? Well, now you can do it for less with our stacked savings and cashback magic! Eyeing up some new earrings or maybe you’re in need of a last-minute Father’s Day gift? Whatever you need, Macy’s has got it all.

Store #5: Sephora

Sephora Online Store

We know the make-up addicts will appreciate making mega savings at Sephora! This store is the holy grail of makeup retailers, with huge brands in stock like Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, Urban Decay, Nars, and much more! Why not release your inner MUA with cash back at Sephora with Ruby?

Store #6: Home Depot

Home Depot Online Store

We don’t know about you, but we love a DIY project. Whether it is redoing the master bathroom or simply getting a new lamp for the living room, The Home Depot is the place to go to get all of your supplies at a discounted price with cash back and stacked savings. It’s a win-win!

Store #7: DressLily

DressLily Online Store

Shop the latest, beautiful styles at DressLily with up to 12% cash back! At this time of year, there are so many events and occasions coming up, that a new dress is never going to go to waste. Between weddings, concerts and garden parties, adding some new staples to your wardrobe this summer has never been so affordable!

Store #8: Walmart

Walmart Online Store

Feeling the itch for your Walmart fix? Get everything and anything at Walmart for crazy low prices. Have your eye on that inflatable pool for the kids? Well, now you can pick up your wish list with Ruby for even less than usual, what is not to love!?

Store #9: ShoesPie

ShoesPie Online Store

This store is any shoe-lovers dream, with a huge variety of top-quality, stylish shoes to tie your great outfits together. Stack your savings to get a new pair of kicks for practically nothing!

Store #10: Petco

Petco Online Store

We know you love treating  your four-legged friend and now you can get cash back while you do with Ruby. Petco offers a variety of supplies and food to ensure your pet is well taken care of. Being a pet owner just got a lot easier!

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