Best Coupons Apps Comparison for 2022


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Published 2 years ago

It wasn’t too long ago that people were cutting out and collecting coupons from newspapers and magazines to save money. Now, it’s a breeze. Anyone with a smartphone has access to the best coupon apps, and they can save you a lot of money.

Coupon Newspaper

The only problem is there are so many to choose from. What is the best coupon app? We’ve compiled a list of the best apps for discounts from your local supermarket to your favourite online shop. Here are 5 of the best coupon apps with their main pros and cons so you can compare and choose the right coupon app.


Dosh Coupon App

Dosh is fantastic and is easily one of the best couponing apps. With Dosh, savings are automatic, with no work required on your part. Plus, Dosh has a wide array of areas to save money in. Dosh can save you money on almost everything from food to flights to hotels.


  • No paper coupons or receipt scans.
  • Savings are automatic when you link a payment card.
  • You can earn up to 40% back on hotel stays.
  • Coupons in the app work for both online and in-store purchases.


  • Redemptions are only available when your account accrues at least $25.
  • Must connect your payment cards to the app to use.


Honey Coupon App gif

Honey is a favourite for automatic savings. Honey is a browser extension that knows will automatically update and scan for the latest deals for thousands of websites. It does this at the checkout, so you don’t have to.


  • Works with more than 30,000 online merchants.
  • Quickly and automatically applies the best discount codes.
  • Has its own reward system called Honey Gold that earns you money over time.


  • The mobile app doesn’t work for as many online merchants as its desktop extension counterpart.
  • Honey Gold can only be redeemed as gift cards.
  • Many negative reviews from users.


Ruby Money-Saving App

Ruby gives you unlimited saving potential. Ruby’s AI-powered savings means it learns what you like to buy which gives you the best savings on your favourite products. And with Ruby’s built-in browser, the app intelligently adds all discounts at checkout.

One of the most impressive and stand-out features of Ruby is how the app stacks savings. In a nutshell, Ruby stacks all possible discounts, including coupons, cashback, promo codes, and their very own Ruby Points at every purchase.


  • Powerful AI for personalized recommendations of products and stores.
  • Wishlists,
  • Stacks cashback, coupons, promo codes and Ruby Points.
  • Only app to offer 30K+ stores on mobile
  • 40M+ products and 200K+ deals all sourced in real time to reap the maximum savings
  • Built-in points reward system - Ruby Points.
  • Stacks all possible discounts for ultimate savings.
  • Automatic Promo Code application on mobile for 30K+ stores
  • Seamless one-click checkout


Rakuten Coupon App

Rakuten is one of the best money-saving apps around. What makes Rakuten one of the best couponing apps starts with how its focus is on giving its users cashback on everyday purchases. Also, redemptions start at the extremely low price of just $5. This means you will feel the benefits of using this app very quickly.


  • Automatically applies coupon codes to your cart.
  • You can earn cash back at thousands of retailers.
  • Has an optional co-branded credit card so you can earn even more.
  • You can earn cash back for referring friends.


  • Cashback rewards are sent out only every 3 months.
  • Only 3,500 stores support cashback.


Shopkick Coupon App

Shopkick is one of the more unique apps. It’s also one of the best coupon apps available. One of the standout features of Shopkick is that you can earn money by simply walking into a store. This they call ‘kicks’. You can earn even more by just walking around certain stores. All this money earned can be redeemed for store gift vouchers. And the best part is you don’t have to spend any money to earn.


  • Unique ‘kick’ features mean you can easily earn money.
  • No need to make purchases to begin earning money.


  • Only supplies store gift cards.
  • The features don’t work in many stores.


With so many money-saving couponing apps it can be tough to find the right one for you. Your location, your shopping habits, and your tastes mean some work better than others. So, what is the best coupon app? The answer is all of the above.