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Published 2 years ago

A Closer Look at the Ever-Expanding Coupons and Deals Industry

Brands advertise their products with all sorts of methods. With the internet taking the way brands market their products by storm, it’s good to know how they do it. After all, the average person sees 6,000-10,000 ads per day, all vying to get you to buy into what they’re selling. With the competition growing ever more fierce, brands are constantly battling with each other on price. And shoppers just like you are (rightly) constantly on the lookout for the best deals.

Considering the internet has given more brands more opportunities to grow and expanded the marketplace, the coupons and deals industry has exploded. There are more competition and more methods than ever for people to get discounts and deals. This is especially true since the introduction of smartphones, where anyone anywhere can quickly download and view the best deals on anything from ordering pizza to buying clothes online.

How Brands Use the Coupons and Deals Industry to Their Advantage

Coupons are used strategically by brands to help get people on board. They help introduce new product lines to customers. And they can help bring in new customers and keep existing ones. Brands also use them as a way to advertise and entice through couponing apps like Ruby and browser extensions such as Honey.

With all these brands competing, there are more deals and discounts to be given. This means there are a plethora of couponing apps out there, all promising to deliver the best discounts, deals and rewards. But unfortunately, this also means there is a lot of hype around spectacular deals with many of these discount and coupon apps and services offering too good to be true deals. And oftentimes they promise deals only under specific circumstances, such as signing up or paying in first before getting what they promise.

Say Hello to the Ruby App

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Ruby is an all-in-one shopping app that cuts through all the noise. Ruby is the one-stop shop (pardon the pun) for the best deals and savings. Unlike a lot of other coupons and deals apps in the industry, Ruby makes getting the best deals and discounts smart, quick and easy. It’s free and there are no hidden costs or unnecessary sign-ups.

While some of the better couponing apps out there might give great deals and cashback, it’s often the case they only work with a small number of selected stores. Ruby works at over 30,000 participating merchants through an endless number of categories. From clothes shopping to food and drink to gadgets and electronics, Ruby helps people save on anything and everything. It boasts more than 40M+ products and 200K+ coupons and deals. Ruby covers 85% of the U.S retail market whereas other couponing apps lack in this area.


What’s more, the Ruby app has a unique feature that allows anyone to ‘stack’ their savings. For example, there may be a coupon available for 5% off a pair of jeans and you also have spending points or cashback saved up from all the other deals you’ve accumulated. Ruby automatically combines all the different ways you can save for the ultimate deal on your favourite items. It even applies reliable promo codes automatically and allows for one-click checkout on mobile. On average, Ruby helps customers save 17.9% per purchase and $115 per year on all the biggest brands from Nike to The Body Shop to Levi’s.