What to Shop in September 2021


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Published 2 years ago

With back-to-school fees hitting now, and saving for Christmas becoming a growing priority, September is a great time to cut back on unnecessary expenses and start budgeting in earnest.

But what should you shop for this September? What’s on offer, and what’s not? Which stores had big September sales last year? And what’s worth waiting until Black Friday for?

We’ll be answering all your burning questions on how to shop and save this September 2021.

What to Shop For This Month

There are plenty of September discounts, including the Labor Day sales, to rival Black Friday. It’s all about knowing what to shop for, and when.

Want to know how to save during the Black Friday sales? Check out our complete guide to saving during Black Friday.


Labor Day sales, from September 4-6, are a great time to buy high-end electronics. You might be thinking that Black Friday’s better to shop for iPhones, smart watches, and laptops. But research shows that it’s often not. In fact, 85% of Black Friday deals have been listed at the same price or lower in the last 6 months.

You’ll often find better tech deals running throughout September than during Black Friday. So if you spot a steal, grab it now!


Stock up on home and garden furniture during the Labor Day weekend. The Home Depot and Wayfair always have plenty of offers on, but you’ll be spoiled for choice on great savings at most homeware stores.

If you’re really looking to get furniture on a budget, you can find some epic savings after Labor Day weekend is over, for the rest of the week running Tuesday through Sunday. However, stock is likely to be in short supply. This savings tactic is risky – but if you’re not super picky and don’t mind some hunting, you can save up to 70% off on furniture.

Summer Clothing

Shops are rushing to get their summer clothing off their shelves, so they can stock all the winter trends. Take advantage of this predictable yearly cycle – most clothing stores will host a summer sale, both online and in-store. Our top picks are Macy’s and Lululemon.


September’s always been a good time to book travel. After the summer holidays, the travel industry experiences a lull in bookings. To counteract this, they offer some of the best deals for winter travellers and people looking to book early for next year.

Now that COVID-19 travel restrictions are easing, the travel industry has even more reason to offer attractive deals this September – there’s been a huge drop in travel over the pandemic. Tourism boards, hotels, and airlines are offering big discounts right now, especially in “slow travel” locations, spots perfect for the relaxed, slow-paced travel trend taking 2021 by storm.

What Not to Shop For in September 2021

Home Tech Appliances

So September’s a stellar time to shop for electronics. But there’s a catch. November – in particular Black Friday – does tend to come with better deals on large home tech appliances, like TVs, fridges and sound systems.

So: shop for small electronics like phones and computers in September, and save your large home appliance shopping list for later.

Halloween Clothing

You might be tempted by those first Halloween displays (or tabs) that get put up in September. Don’t be – it’s super rare to find a decent deal for Halloween clothing or accessories in September.

Predictably, the best time to buy Halloween goodies is right after the holiday, as that’s when retailers will be hungry to get leftover products off their shelves. If you need to stock up for this year, then shop for Halloween outfits in the 2 weeks before October 31 for the biggest discounts.


Skip make-up right now. If our analysis of past years’ sales is anything to go by, you’ll save more during the Columbus Day sales, which fall on October 9-11. If you wait until this weekend in October, you can get discounts as deep as 60% at stores like Ulta and Sephora.

How to Shop and Save This September

Knowing what to shop for and when – and how to get the most money off – can get confusing. Ruby makes it easy. Search directly for coupons to compare current deals and coupon codes at all your favorite stores. Get personalized September coupons, powered by AI that dynamically learns your shopping behavior to offer you custom ways to save. And to simplify it all, you can save coupons you’re interested in. Come back to a discount code when you’re sure it’s the best deal, then checkout, all in the app.

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